Monday, 24 December 2012


Back for Christmas to gloomy UK.  Spent the last four days skiing powder in Megeve.  The whole resort is now open.  We've even seen the new link "lift" to Jaillet (horse drawn caleche).  Very smart!  We haven't been on it yet, we'll save that for when we get back after Christmas.  We had lunch at the Radaz.  It's still as good as usual.  Great lasagna and tartiflette.  Looking forward to Christmas here and then back to Megeve on 28th. 
We've got some good deals left for early Jan so take advantage of the great conditions now!
See you out there!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Just back from Megeve

Just back from staff set up in Megeve.  Great team this year all mucking in and getting the job done.  We got ahead of ourselves so sneaked in a quick ski yesterday.  Lots of new snow on Rochebrune.  It was still snowing when I left.  Found some fresh powder down the Olympic so got my ski legs back in that.  I feel a bit achy today.  It's amazing that however much ski prep you do it really doesn't seem to make much difference once you get out there.  Several of the staff are beginners and they all had a great time in their lessons.  It's lovely to see new skiers come to the sport.  Anyway, a great team.  The chefs have been doing some superb meals for us and I'm really looking forward to getting back out there at New Year.  Nose back to the grind stone here in the UK though first!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Staff arrived and digging

Chalet hotel Rond Point

Digging out the back of the Rond Point
 Jason & some of the staff arrived on Tuesday evening and have spent most of the time digging!  Our first guests arrive on 20th December for a pre-Christmas break.  Lots of snow for them and hopefully a clear car park.

The sun came out briefly

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

More Snow - Great Start

50cm of snow in the Sylvana car park and snow is still falling.  There's another 50cm forecast overnight at village level and then snowing off and on for the next few days.  Our french accountant says it's the best pre-season snow he's ever seen!  Jason is on his way out there - good luck getting up the hill, Jase!  I'm out there next week, can't wait.  Should be a great start to the season.
We're quite full for short ski breaks at the end of the week in January but have plenty of availability at the start so if you fancy catching some of the white stuff, then think about coming out then -it's cheaper as are flights, there's no staff night off so dinner every night, you can join in the accompanied skiing and we're offering a free one-way shared transfer.
See you out there!