Monday, 28 October 2013

Did you know?

That Megeve tourist office was opened In 1914 and celebrates its centenary next year.  It now occupies the building by the stream near the St George hotel.   

That in 1933 an entrepreneur by the name of Charles Viard built the first cable car  in Megeve  specifically designed for skiers.  The old cable car has since been replaced but the old one can be seen at the entrance to the village. 

That Allards, the smart clothes shop in the square, designed the stirrup type ski trousers which were all the fashion 50 years ago.

That the local boy, Emile Allais, who won all three events at the 1937 World  Championship and the gold in the combined event in 1938, died last year at the age of 100.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Beautiful day!

Couldn't resist this shot.  What a beautiful day in Megeve!  Shame the lifts aren't open yet - only two months to go.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Snow Has Fallen!

First snow of the season, always nice to see.  There's 10cm forecast for tonight down to 1400 which is just about the Sylvana level.  It's early days yet but a little bit of early snow always puts us in the mood for a great season.  Here's some photos taken yesterday.  Jonny said it was still snowing this morning, big flakes!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Extreme Kayak World Championship

Congratulations to Joe Morley who beat an Italian and Russian to win the Extreme Kayak World Championship.

Joe worked for Stanford Skiing as driver/handyman at the Sylvana last winter.  We are hoping for great things for Joe at Rio as he just missed selection this last time.  He was first reserve for the kayak team.

Joe is the second member of Stanford's staff to become a world champion after Tom Stallard, who won a gold medal in the World Rowing Championships in a four and silver at the Beijing Olympics in an eight.   Our staff are obviously experts at the wet stuff.  All we need now is a world class skier!