Thursday, 28 May 2015

Come to Megeve this winter with Stanford Skiing!

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Why should you chose Stanford Skiing for your winter ski holiday? Here are a few facts that may sway you. Take a read, share with your friends and book your ski holiday now!

1.   We’re an independent, family run company. Because we’re family run, your bookings matter. Yes, you do get a reservation number but that’s where the anonymity stops. EVERY customer counts for us. From your first contact with the ladies in our UK office, to your transfer back to Geneva airport with Santa (Yes, we really do have a driver called Santa!) every second of your holiday will be tailored to your needs and we will do our very best to meet them.

2.   We've been based in Megeve for 25+ years and we really do know Megeve as well as the locals. In fact Director Elizabeth worked as a chalet girl in our catered chalet Sylvana, some 20 ish (ahem!) years ago. Her parent John and Kathryn have a home in the resort and are keen skiers themselves. Winter staff are based in the resort all season and even the UK staff visit at least once a year with their families. You have a question, we can answer it from our own experiences or find someone who can.

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3.   Because Megeve is STUNNING! Seriously, you couldn't ask to be anywhere more beautiful. Surrounded with jagged, snow covered mountain peaks, the cobble lined streets edged with a tempting range of quaint French boutiques, cafes and restaurants are hard to beat. That is until you journey up in one of the cable cars, look down at the empty tree lined pistes covered in fresh white powder below and realise that you’ll be cutting your way back down them shortly. Shall I carry on?!

4.   Because holidays with us are awesome. There’s no pressure – this is your break and we want you to have a good time! Our customers range from babies through to OAP's. We have single, twin/doubles, family rooms or even whole chalet hire so come alone or bring all your friends and family. We accommodate first time skiers through to old school off pisters – with 445k of slopes to choose from there’s plenty of scope for skiers of all levels. If its peace and quiet you’re after, head up a mountain or retreat to a spa! If you’re looking for apr├Ęs ski, head in to town and visit the funky bars, restaurants and clubs. Basically, it’s all in Megeve so whatever you're looking for, we've got. Give us the time and we can tell you all about it...

5.   We’re affordable. Skiing is no longer an exclusive pastime for the rich elite, everyone’s at it! Don’t get me wrong, it can be expensive if not approached carefully, but we do offer a very good option for those that look for great value. Our chalet Sylvana and hotel Rond Point are both 1/2* and the price reflects that. They are warm, relaxed, homely, authentic and offer a perfect retreat after a day on the slopes. If you’re looking for a little more luxury, out catered chalet Les Clochettes is our superior option, with a minimal increase in price. Being catered means that we’ll cook you breakfast, afternoon tea and a hearty evening meal with wine -  so no extra food costs to worry about. Call us before you book your flights and we’ll help you coincide your arrival and departure times with our free morning transfer service so no extra travel costs. We've struck up deals with the local ski hire shops, so you can save 10% off the cost of your equipment and the Evasion ski pass is one of the cheapest on offer in the Alps.

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6.   Megeve does have snow. There is the occasional review on the www that may tell you being a low resort equates no skiing. This is wrong. Being situated close to Mont Blanc means that Megeve sits in its own little snowy micro climate. Yes, don’t expect season round snow at town level but for those heel wearers amongst us, this is no bad thing! Head up onto Rochbrune, Mont D’Arbois, Mont Joly, and Cotes 2000 (to name but a few) and you’ll be transported to a winter wonderland. In the very worst case scenario and Mother Nature withholds, we offer a ‘snow guarantee’ that can be purchased in advance of your trip for just £10. This agreement means we will transport you across to the nearest skiable pistes so you still get your fix. Remember, it’s in our interest to keep you happy! Note that the pistes sit on what it meadowland at summertime – it only takes a few centimetres of snow to make them usable. Did I mention the 175 snow cannons that can be used too? Don’t worry. There’s snow!

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7.   Because skiing is one of the safest sports you can do. If you don’t believe me read this survey conducted by the Guardian newspaper. It states in a study of skiers in Norway, a medical officer documented 883 injuries over 980,000 days - amounting to an injury rate of around 0.9 per 1,000 days. The reality is that you’re more likely to have an accident going about your daily life. Wear your protective gear, don’t go off piste unless with a guide. Be sensible, go at your own pace. Easy on the vin chaud! It’s not rocket science and with a sensible approach, skiing will be one of the most rewarding pursuits you’ll ever take part in.

I think I could go on giving you reasons for quite some time. But to save overdoing my point, how about you give us a call on 01603 477471 or ping across an email so we can share our enthusiasm with you for what is one of the world’s most glorious pastimes in one of the most amazing resorts!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Team Stanford Ski x