Wednesday, 20 December 2017


The last two days we have had sunshine, though with mist in the valley.  Yesterday we skied with Gordon in the morning and some of the staff in the afternoon.  We took the new Epaule chair which is six man  and FAST and a huge improvement.   We skied off the back and all the way down off-piste to St Nicholas which was fun.  A lot of the off-piste has been skied out but we found some which hadn't.  We had a quick lunch at the Alpage at Communailles which has been sold by Marie and Eric (such a shame as they were nice) but the new lady who has taken over has kept the same menu.

Today Gordon has gone home for Christmas.   We went up the Rochebrune ridge but not much is open. I think they are keeping it for Christmas week.  However, there is a new restaurant at Alpette which looks exactly like the old one.  It didn't appear to be open so it may not be finished.  We skied down and went back to Mont D'Arbois.   We skied the Mont Rosset field and then skied all the way down to the bottom of the Princess run twice, as the snow was so nice and not tracked.

The photo shows how beautiful it was.  The Etudiant lift was running so we decided to ski all the way back  home via Planellet.  The field was perfect, very few people had skied it though Gordon had been down it the day before.  We got home about 2pm and had a bowl of soup and some cheese.  By then, the mist had come down and the visibility wasn't so good.

Monday, 18 December 2017

first day back

Well, here we are again in Megeve, and there's piles of snow.  It's snowing so we delay going out.   We get to the top of Mont D'Arbois, put on our skis and I realise I have  new boots and my skis don't fit.  That's problem number one.   John sorts that, we ski down to the Mont Rosset chair which isn't working.   We skied down the piste that they hadn't bothered to close.  So after standing around in the falling snow for about 15 minutes, we eventually got on the chair to problem number three which was the little green plastic chair which takes you up to the top of Bettex.  I dropped my ski pole!  The liftie stuck it in a hole in the chair behind so we didn't have to ski down to get it.   After all that, we felt  that we deserved lunch, so, first day back, we have to go to the Gouet.  Where we had the Croute De Gouet.  Apart from the pisteurs, we were the only customers.   But it was very good.  Then problem number four.   John left his rucksack behind at the Gouet.   So, guess where we're heading tomorrow!  The snow was wonderful, there was no-one around and the new Chamois lift is great.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Christmas, New Year and even more snow in magical Megeve!

We've had still more snow even down to town level in magical Megeve!

It's freezing cold out there - described on the forecast as bitter cold - we've had several decent snowfalls over the last few weeks on the slopes, the snow cannon are going, there's more snow forecast this week and the base is really building up.  It's even snowing here in Norwich!  The ski area is partially opening next weekend on 9th December, although we don't open until 20th.  Still, that's only 3 weeks away.  It's starting to look really good for the beginning of the season!  We've got super deals for Christmas and New Year so read on.....

Completely flexible stays over Christmas and New Year!

Arrive any day of your choosing in picturesque Megeve , depart any day of your choosing and stay as long as you want (minimum 3 nights) in any of our catered chalets or self-catered apartments between 20th December and 7th January.  Great for school hols, choose flights that suit, at prices that suit and grab a last minute get away!

Is Christmas getting you down?  Too many preparations, too much to do?  Why not let us take the strain?  In our
catered Chalet/hotel Sylvana there'll be Christmas trees, carols & mince pies and best of all a qualified chef in the kitchen doing all the cooking.  You can just enjoy the day on the slopes instead!  Prices start at just £310/person for 3 nights in the Sylvana and a week is just £550/person over Christmas!

Got plans at Christmas but fancy New Year?  No problem. 
Megeve is wonderful at New Year with fireworks and live music in the central square and a real party atmosphere.  Again, our qualified chefs will take the strain and produce lovely food so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful town, the wonderful slopes with perfect views of Mont Blanc and of course the rustic mountain restaurants.  A 3 night stay in our catered Chalet/hotel Sylvana starts at just £390/person and a week has been discounted to just £700/person excluding flights!

Megeve is just 75 mins from Geneva airport so ideal for
short breaks as well as full weeks.  We offer a transport service to and from our properties in Megeve.

Let us take the strain this festive period - we've got it covered!
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We look forward to welcoming you to Megeve!

Best wishes, Debbie, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth & John