Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Joys of Snow

1.   Being woken up at 6am by Diego (our concierge) clearing the snow from our apartment building car park with the snow blower.
2.. Racing to the bus stop to get the first bus so we are on the first lift. The bus is late
3.  Making first tracks down the black Princess and Bridans piste.
4.  Can't hear the church clock- the snow muffles the sound
5.  Having the pistes to ourselves.
6.. Poor visibility - but then it is snowing.
7.  Gloves getting soaking wet.  They are still on the radiator
8.  Snow down one's neck - but it is snowing!
9.  Tired legs
10 Big smile - what a glorious day's skiing in Megeve 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Snow and Sunshine

What a welcome back! We skied all day making fresh tracks and in sunshine for most of the time.  I made the mistake of following Jonny and not John down one pitch and got totally snarled up in shrubs.  Jonny bulldozed his way through but I climbed up and found an easier path.  We skied down at the end of the day to the bottom of the Chamois lift, and very nearly to our front door.  It's supposed to be snowing this evening and for the next few days so the conditions are going to be brilliant.  Probably won't be able to see but you can't have everything.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Where to Ski and Snowboard

Dave Watts, one of the joint editors of the above book, has joined us for a couple of days.   Yesterday John and I found some new snow to make tracks but today, with Dave, we skied the whole mountain.  We started off on the Rochebrune ridge, finishing on the Ladies Downhill piste which was in excellent condition.  We then took the bus to Mont D'Arbois where Gordon left us and Jonny and Hannah joined us.  We skied over to the Epaule chair and down the Grand and Petit Epaule to Chatterix.  We stopped off for lunch at Le Gouet.  The others all had the croute de gouet but I bucked the trend and had the diots.
We then headed off to Mont Joux as Dave wanted to join the festivities at la Folie Douce.  It was the inauguration so it was busy.  John, Jonny and I threw a few moves to show them how it should be done wearing full ski kit. including helmet and goggles.  Then off home.  For pics see Dave's blog!
Snow is forecast for tonight, just as John and I come back to the UK to look after the grandchildren. Just our luck!  Back in about ten days time.
Still a few spaces to dash out this weekend.  See our website for details!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

20cm of fresh snow on Alpette, Megeve

It was snowing this morning so I got out early.  I went over to Alpette which was lovely, 20cm of new snow that scarcely anyone had skied.  I was the second person down the black run.   However, it was blowing a gale, so I only skied four runs, the black and red twice and then came home.   There was no-one else around except for a pisteur redoing the signs on one of the pistes, but then a huge party of French school kids turned up so I decided it was time to go.   We are aiming to get out there early tomorrow and it's still snowing out there.  Can't wait!

We've still got a few last minute rooms w/c 18th & 25th Jan so check out our special offers for a week or a short ski break to Megeve.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

New snow

We had some snow this morning which refreshed the pistes.   Not as much as we would have liked but it has covered the patches.  More snow is forecast for the end of the week when we go home, so it is likely to dump.  We are going back to look after grandchildren as we usually do, to allow the girls to come skiing.   John always says there is a dump of  snow at this time in January, and it looks as if he may be right again.  The pistes were quite busy today but it was Sunday when all the locals come out to ski.  Tomorrow they should be deserted again.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Le Gouet

We had lunch yesterday at Le Gouet yesterday, the restaurant just above the Croix De Christ chair.  You can get to it either by skiing over from Chatterix or going up the button lift, which is  the return lift for St Nicholas.  Madame, whose uncle used to farm there, has now retired, but has leased the Fond de Commerce to Violaine and Guillaume.  They have both worked there for some years.  So thankfully it has not been sold to someone from St Tropez who immediately guts the place and charges sky high prices.  The croute de Gouet is as good as ever.  So, if you get the chance, go and eat there and support them in their first season.   You can't book so in the busy period you need to get there early or late.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ice Flags

We saw these ice formations on the stems of old flowers.  They form on the stem but you will see that they become detached and are almost free standing.  We thought that they were so pretty and different we would take a photo.  This was with John's phone so the quality is not as good as a camera.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

COMING SOON - 20th BMW Polo Masters in Megève

The Edmond de Rothschild Group and the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois are partners, for the 20th consecutive year, of the Polo Masters tournament in Megève
In 2015 the Megève Polo Masters 20th anniversary will be the only place to watch snow polo in France
For this 20th edition 6 international teams will come and meet each other for 4 days of competing to battle for the Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy : the famous Megève ball made by the sculptor Pierre Margara. Megève Polo Masters is a prestigious event with a free access which is a unique occasion to watch international snow polo tournament and magic equestrian shows

Numerous medieval street events and a knight tournament will give even more magic to this exceptional and highly anticipated 20th celebration

Thursday 22th of January 2015  
17h30 : Polo parade and presentation of the teams accross the Megeve pedestrian streets to the polo field (Plaine de l’Arly). Free « Vin Chaud »
18h30 : 1st match
19h30 : 2dn match
Friday 23th of January 2015  
14h00 - 17h00 : Children pony rides
17h00 : Medieval Animations in the center of the village
18h30 : 1st match
19h30 : 2nd match
20h30 : Knights' tournament on the polo field
23h30 : Polo Party at Paolo Alto
Saturday 24th of January 2015  
11h30 : 1st match
12h30 : 2nd match
14h00 - 17h00 : Children pony rides
From 19h30 : Anniversary ”Polo-Party” (by reservation)
Sunday 25th of January 2015  
10h00 - 14h00 : Children pony rides
10h30 : 1st match for 5th & 6th place – AXA Entreprise Cup
11h30 : 2nd match for 3rd & 4th place
12h30 : 3rd match for 1st & 2nd place – Groupe Edmond de Rothschild Trophy
13h45 : Prize Giving - Brunch at the VIP tent

If you're not already booked with us, you too can have chance to enjoy this brilliant event in the most beautiful of settings... 
We still have some availability in our catered chalets and hotels starting from just £275 p/p for three nights!
For further information either visit us at or call our U.K office on 01603 477471 - we ready to welcome you to Megeve!

Best wishes to all
John, Elizabeth, Debbie, Rachel and Sarah

Pictures and programme courtesy of

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

We spent Christmas in Norwich with Elizabeth and her family and are now back in Megeve with the whole family, including the four grandchildren.   It is very cold but sunny and, apart from the crowds on the slopes, the skiing is good.   I expect that now the the new year is over most people will go back to work and next week we shall have the pistes to ourselves.   There is more snow forecast for this weekend so we are keeping our fingers crossed for some excellent skiing next week.   As I look out of our apartment window this morning there is snow on the balcony,  the sun is just coming up over Jaillet and we are about to hit the slopes!   What fun!