Thursday, 15 November 2012

Staff heading out in only 4 weeks!

The staff are heading out to Megeve in only four weeks time - in fact, some will be going out in just two weeks!  Can you believe that the season is only just around the corner.  It has been cold out there and has snowed several times, so hopefully it'll be a good start and lots of lovely skiing!  We're already completely full over Christmas and New Year except for three rooms for a short ski break from Sunday 30th Dec for 3 days in the Sylvana so call asap if you want them.
Flights are horrible over half term.  It looks like the only real option now is to drive.  Having said that, it is a very easy drive, motorways all the way except for the last 10k.  Don't forget that we do offer ski weekends and short ski breaks as well in half term so if the flights are too much returning on Sunday then you could always go for half a week, flight costs will be a lot less mid-week.  See prices.
Our superior ski chalet Les Clochettes is nearly full now throughout the season.  We just have a few rooms left w/c 6th Jan,  10th Feb & 17th March for full weeks.  There are some ski weekends and short ski breaks left at other times but not a lot so do get in touch if you're thinking of going to this chalet as there is not much left.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best wishes,
Elizabeth, John, Georgie and Debra

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