Thursday, 11 April 2013

Still skiing

It snowed heavily on Tuesday so Wednesday was a brilliant day. As usual, we ended walking uphill in deep snow. We skied the field at Communailles and I did not remember until we were on the track that the bottom button lift was closed so we had to walk up to the chair. Mont Joli was good in parts but there was quite a lot of wind crust. Most of the lifts are open except for the Princess, Mont d'Arbois and lifts from Chatterix and St Nicholas. That means you have to drive round to St Gervais which is annoying. Every year John speaks to the lift office to ask why they can't keep the Mont d'Arbois lift running but they never do. Cote 2000 is staying open until the 21st but everything closes this Friday. There is no one around so they must be losing money but it seems such a shame when there is still a lot of snow. Anyway, today was raining and all the staff have now gone home. We leave on Sunday which is going to be a sunny day. That's life.

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