Saturday, 15 June 2013

porridge and teabags

John and I have just come back from Megeve, having driven the minibus out loaded with (inter alia) porridge, teabags, scaffold tower, paint, carpet, fridge, tools, plants.   It was drizzling when we left London but hit sunshine through  the Jura and then it was beautifully sunny and hot in Megeve.  Tracey and I planted out the planters at the Rond Point and we found lots of pots etc for the Sylvana and Clochettes.  Hopefully everything will survive and bloom.  I did go overboard on what I bought but then they were so cheap at B&Q.  
Johnny and Tracey are working really hard to get everything spick and span.  All the little things, such as varnishing the clothes knobs in the rooms, are being done.  They are off to do some mountain biking and a via ferrata with friends this weekend.  There is still snow on Mont Joli as the temperature has only warmed up in the last day or so.    The shops and restaurants in town were starting to open in time for the summer season.  The  council were planting out their planters (not as good as ours!)  We are out in July  and looking forward to it.

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