Friday, 3 October 2014

Megeve's snow depth in late March has increased since '92 unlike other resorts!

Megeve's snow depth in late March has increased since '92 unlike other resorts!

It's true, according to the Ski Club of Great Britain, the snow depths on the lower slopes in Megeve (not even the higher ones!) in the third week in March has increased in the last five seasons compared to seasons '92-'98.  Other resorts have not been so lucky including Chamonix, Verbier, Tignes and Zermatt some of the so called snow sure resorts!  Of course, this report is not saying that those resorts had no snow, I'm sure there was still plenty, but one of the most common questions we get asked here in the office is will there be snow in March.  This report quite clearly indicates that snow cover has improved in March not got worse  thanks I'm sure in part to Megeve's piste workers who do a great job.  Personally I love skiing towards the end of the season and we normally come out as a family for the last week in mid-April.  We love the longer days, the sunshine, the fact that we can sit and eat our lunch outside, the slopes are quieter, I can book instruction for the kids with ease as the ski schools are not so busy and likewise neither are the restaurants.  What's not too like!  I'm wondering if our guests have cottoned on to this as well as our superior chalet Les Clochettes is nearly full in March and we have a lot of regulars in our chalet/hotel Sylvana too.  Don't forget, Megeve is great for ski weekends and short ski breaks.  It's only 70 mins from Geneva.

Centre of Megeve on 24th March 2014

Top of Mont d'Arbois 24th March 2014

Here's the article - let us know your thoughts!

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