Thursday, 4 December 2014

The best things about #Megeve

Hello all...

Right now, the kids are tucked up in bed and the other half is happily sitting in front of the fire with some easy viewing on TV. So I thought I'd take the chance to tell you about my trip to Megeve at the end of last month. In fact it wasn't just me - Stanford Skiing's other new recruit, the lovely Rachel came along too. Together, we took our maiden voyage into all thing's Stanford and Megeve
Rachel has been along to Megeve before as a paying guest with her family staying in the Sylvana  and I have visited St Gervais too, so we had a basic understanding of the area. However being able to see the stunning Alpine resort in the sunshine and fire non stop questions to the fantastic staff, (who have over 200 years knowledge of the area between them) proved extremely useful. Now we can pass that on to you guys too...

Now I can relay to you how stunning the resort is. How fab the accommodation is - from cosy and family friendly to luxurious and sophisticated. How ideal the locations are with a choice of town centre to almost at the end of the ski runs. What great a deal you get when booking transfers, lift passes and equipment hire. How fantastic the food is from breakfast to evening meals. Or what an amazing team of people will be looking after you from your first point of contact in the UK to your break away.

However what I've decided to do as a starter is give you a brief taste of Megeve by giving you some top 3's (ish) from the crew

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The Best Things About Megeve

Megeve, short ski breaks, ski weekends, catered ski chalets, ski apartmentsBeautiful mountain views in a tranquil setting
Tartiflette - This rich and luxurious potato dish straight out of the French Alps makes an indulgent supper!
People watching from the many cafés in the town centre 
The skiing!

The best wines to drink


The Best Ski Gadgets

Drone Camera - A flying remote control camera that allows you to rise above the clouds and capture the world around you
Go Pro - This wearable, waterproof, shockproof and high definition video camera is proving a hit on the pistes to capture all the action and vistas around
Apps - there are a variety of apps to chose from to help you make best use of your time away. Currency convertors, french translators, tourist information, ski trackers... Make your choice and download away!
H.U.D Ski Goggles - Want to know how fast you're skiing? or how far you've travelled? Stick on a pair of 'Heads-Up-Display' goggles and you're good to go

The Best Cheeses 
Megeve, ski holidays, short ski breaks, ski weekends



The Best Things To Do

Champagne and Oyster Bar
Para Penting - Known to us as paragliding!
Ice Driving or sledding with Huskies
Telemarking - Using equipment similar to cross-country skiing, the ski bindings having the ski boot attached only at the toe. The technique is used in activities such as ski jumping, ski mountaineering, and cross country skiing
Using the Snow Parks - The Mont Joux Snow Park is located in the heart of the Megève ski resort with a 120 m long halfpipe and a Bag Jump

The Best Pistes 

Princess Blanc
Mont Rossets
Grand Epaule

So there you have it! Some of the fave's from our staff. There are many things that could be added to this list... But the very best way of finding out for yourself is of course, making the trip and discovering your own favourite things about this amazing resort first hand. If you haven't booked yet, get your skates on (or ski's!).  Don't forget we offer ski weekends and short breaks as well as week long stays and Geneva is only 75 mins away so perfect for a quick getaway! - Go to or call us on 01603 477471

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, 
Team Stanford Skiing x


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