Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ice Hockey

Here we are, back for another season.   We have a great team and are eager to meet our guests.  The lifts open this weekend.
Last night all 19 of us (well Gordon and Carol are almost staff) went to the GB v France ice hockey match at the Palais de Sport.  It was very exciting.  By the end of the second session France led 3-2 so we thought that was it for the third session.  Not a bit of it!  GB came back fighting, levelled the match and then went into the lead with about ten minutes left. So the last few minutes the French were desperately throwing everything they had into the match.  They even took the goalie off so they could field an extra attacker.  But GB hung on and we got to sing the National Anthem very loudly and enthusiastically. The last time I did that was for the men's eights at the World Rowing Championships in September.  So a great start to the season

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