Monday, 18 December 2017

first day back

Well, here we are again in Megeve, and there's piles of snow.  It's snowing so we delay going out.   We get to the top of Mont D'Arbois, put on our skis and I realise I have  new boots and my skis don't fit.  That's problem number one.   John sorts that, we ski down to the Mont Rosset chair which isn't working.   We skied down the piste that they hadn't bothered to close.  So after standing around in the falling snow for about 15 minutes, we eventually got on the chair to problem number three which was the little green plastic chair which takes you up to the top of Bettex.  I dropped my ski pole!  The liftie stuck it in a hole in the chair behind so we didn't have to ski down to get it.   After all that, we felt  that we deserved lunch, so, first day back, we have to go to the Gouet.  Where we had the Croute De Gouet.  Apart from the pisteurs, we were the only customers.   But it was very good.  Then problem number four.   John left his rucksack behind at the Gouet.   So, guess where we're heading tomorrow!  The snow was wonderful, there was no-one around and the new Chamois lift is great.

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