Monday, 29 July 2013

RSPSoc Student Award MSC

Congratulations to Ricky Martin who has just been awarded the above for his 2012 dissertation.  For those of you who remember Ricky he is that tall, good-looking Australian ( he might be reading this) who played cricket, and Aussie Rules Football at a very high level.  He was always enthusiastic and cheerful and huge fun to ski with.  I took him and Tim (New Zealand Chef at the Rond Point) to Argentiere and we skied all day without stopping, except for queuing for lifts.  I didn't dare  suggest we stop as they were two fit young men and they didn't like to as they thought that the boss's wife wanted to keep going.  So we were all exhausted by the end of the day.
We are thinking of having an honours board for achievements by ex members of staff.  So, that's Ben for his award for best pies in New South Wales, Tom Stallard for a gold medal in the World Championships and silver in Beijing for rowing and an honourable mention to Jo for being first reserve atI the London Olympics for white water kayaking.  We're hoping to hear more of him in Rio.  Who have I forgotten?  Please let me know.
Anyway, good luck and congratulations to Ricky.

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