Sunday, 14 July 2013

That Was The Week That Was

Monday.  John and I leave London in brilliant sunshine, arrive to cold drizzle.  Not good
Tuesday.  Lovely morning. John,Gordon, Phil and Becks and I walk over to the Radaz for lunch.  We have a thunderstorm and Jean-Marc has to pick us up in the minibus.  Gordon and Carol's boys and their friends do a via ferrata at Passy with Johnny (resort manager and climbing instructor).  They come back on a high
Wednesday.  Gordon,  Carol and I go to the lake at Passy for a picnic and swim.  The boys go downhill mountain biking with Johnny and have a competition to see who can go over the handlebars the most times or In the most spectacular fashion.. It is won by Johnny, who chooses his moment with care to perform at the bottom of the Petit Fontaine chair In front of everybody.  There are quite a few cuts, scrapes and bruises.  Lots of people arrive and we are 40 plus for dinner.
Thursday.   John and I go for a  5 hour tramp with 5 others.  We see lots of gentians and some lovely orchids, particularly the lesser butterfly orchid.  The boys had a quieter day but spent part of it at the summer luge.  There was only one who came off it so another scrape.
Friday.  We have a quiet day and meet David and Jane Redwood at the Passy lake.   Elizabeth (our daughter) and husband John and children arrive from Geneva and join us for a quick swim.  The boys split in two groups, one white water rafting and the other downhill biking again.   In the evening the Jazz Competition starts so we go and listen to the bands.   After dinner we go down to the Caleche bar where a lot of the musicians are having a jam session.  They pack up at about 1am
Saturday.  The night of the party.  We have a walk with grandchildren and then listen to more bands.  The boys are exhausted so only a few a manage the rock climbing with Johnny.  There are about 80 for the party.  Becks and Phil produce a fantastic buffet with an amazing birthday cake.  Then there are fireworks.  We go down to town but sadly there is no jam session.
Sunday.   Surprisingly most people manage to stagger down for breakfast.  About half go home, the rest go tomorrow.  Sadly, the band we all liked and which was staying at the Rond Pint did not make the final.
It has been a fantastic week, with glorious weather.   We managed to park 15 cars and a motor home outside the Sylvana.  Those who have not wanted to walk or swim, bike or rock climb, have visited Annecy, or wandered round Megeve.  The ages have ranged from. 5 to   70 plus and everyone has mucked in and enjoyed themselves.  Thanks to Carol for organising such an amazing birthday party for Gordon.  We can't wait for the 70th!

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