Friday, 8 November 2013

Dog sledding in Megeve!

The Grande Odysee Savoie dog sledding race takes place on 17th and 18th January.   Megeve is one of the eleven stages of this dog sledding race which covers over one thousand kilometres of the Alps.  The teams come from all over the world, although primarily Europe.

The dogs arrive in the afternoon and there is a competition, the "Megeve Challenge"' which is a 5 kilometre race by the Palais de Sports.   After this you have a chance to talk to the mushers and to pat the 250 dogs.  They are all tied up in their separate teams.
The next day the dogs start from the altiport at Côte 2000 and follow the cross country ski trails round Mont d'Arbois and Livraz, returning to Cote 2000.  From there, the teams ascend the green track and the blue Pre Rosset track to the top of the Lanchettes lift.   They then cross to the Col de Very and down to Les Saisies.
You can stand by the side of the cross country  trails, but I think the best place to see the teams is the top of the Lanchettes lift.  The dogs are going slowly as it is steep (often the mushers walk beside the team)  and you get a very good, close view of the dogs and sled before they go over the top and pick up speed over the other side.
So, why not come for a short ski break and see the teams in action and cheer for your favourites!

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