Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Winter wonderland of Megeve

Check out these photos taken in wintery Megeve a couple of days ago!  

Andy and Hannah (both worked at the Sylvana last season) are refurbishing our apartment in Megeve.   They have been there for the last month and, as you can see, there has been a lot  of snow.   There should be an excellent base  up the mountain.

They have nearly finished the work and Hannah comes home today.  The internal walls have been taken down, the bathroom is now the kitchen and the bathroom has been moved to opposite the bedroom, which is larger with fitted wardrobe.  It is going to be lovely.  The other weekend Andy said hey had a troop of residents coming in to find out what they were doing.  One lot came back twice! 

Jonny, Tracey, Megan and Hannah all go out on Monday for the start of the season,  the two managers of the hotels go out the following week and the rest of us all turn up on Thursday 12th.  Not long now!

We have special offers on short ski breaks at the beginning of the week in January.  Should be a great time to head out - cheap flights, great snow and good food, what could be better!

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