Tuesday, 3 December 2013

First arrivals off to Megeve

We waved goodbye to a laden van and Jonny, Tracey, Megan, Hannah and Chris yesterday, our first staff off to Megeve this season.

They drove through the night, picked up the new minibuses from Bourg en Bresse and arrived in Megeve this morning.  Here is the team photo - taken before they left!   Jonny is the new resort manager, Tracey admin and deputy resort manager, Megan is resort rep, Hannah chalet host at the Sylvana with Chris, driver, handyman, barman snow clearer etc.   everyone else, plus the most important people, us, arrive next week.   We failed to get everything in the minibus but the two hotel managers are driving out next week and we will force the remaining items, somehow, into the car.   Whether there will be room for a driver is questionable!   We will report.   Not possible to get the minibus up the drive to the Sylvana when they arrived, so the first job for Chris is to get petrol for the snow blower so he can clear the drive and get the minibuses parked.  What an introduction to the season!  

We've just had a cancellation for a triple room for Christmas.  So if anyone fancies escaping from grey UK for snow covered Megeve give us a call, 01603 477471, or an e-mail asap.

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