Sunday, 29 December 2013

#Megeve powder

Brilliant skiing today.  New #powder, groomed pistes and sunshine.    We skied the field down to the intermediate lift at the Princess, then the Mon Rosset field twice.  After that we did the Communailles field which was almost perfect. We decided to ski all the way home, the first time this season.  We go through the woods from the top of the Etudiant lift and eventually ski off piste down to the road which leads  to Cote 2000.  We cross that and ski home under the Chamois lift.  We can almost ski to the door of our apartment. We only had to take our skis off to walk up hill for about 80 steps.   Normally we have to take them off to walk along and across the road so that was a bonus.   Because it is high season the pistes are busy and the restaurants full.   For those of you who know #Megeve this is unusual.   We expect to walk straight on to a lift without queueing, so to have to wait 10 minutes to get on a lift is anathema.   Thank goodness Megeve is only busy for a few weeks of the year;  New Year and the Paris fortnight in February.   Outside of these times we have the pistes to ourselves, virtually.  Come and see for yourselves!          

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