Friday, 4 April 2014


Yesterday I had a trip in a helicopter.   Clive Emerson, a guest, was having instruction in flying a helicopter in the mountains. He asked Jonny if he would like to be a passenger, but Jonny was knocking holes in walls in the Sylvana and couldn't go, so I got the chance.   Sadly, it was a misty day so I didn't get very good photos.
We took off from the Altiport at Cote 2000, flew down the gorge to Albertville, took a right and passed over Annecy.  We then flew over the mountains to Bonneville, passing La Clusaz and Flaine, to Sallanches, St. Gervais, passing Les Contamines ski resort before crossing the ridge back to the Altiport.  We were airborn for about 1hour 10 minutes.    They were hoping to do a longer circuit but the weather looked as if it was closing in and Ian, the instructor, didn't want to take any chances.   It was amazing to see all the familiar places from the air.  These pictures are the lake at Annecy and the top of the cable car and Caboche lifts at Rochebrune.
I had my skis in the minibus so I went up from Cote 2000 to join the others at the Radaz for lunch.  I shared a tartiflette with Steve, my younger son-in-law, and very good it was.

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