Saturday, 5 April 2014


On Thursday evening we all went to the luge at Les Saisies.   There were 36 of us, the youngest 3, the eldest 73.  We try and do this every year with all the staff, the guests and anyone else whom we want to invite.   The last two years it has been snowing and very cold.  This time it was chilly but not freezing.
It is on rails above the ground, so for the first few minutes one is hauled up the incline.  Then you reach the top, the light goes green and you push the handles down and off you go.  It is basically a roller coaster with tight bends.  There is a notice at the end that tells you to slow down but mostly it's ignored and the automatic brake jerks you to a halt.  You can go down individually but it's more fun to go down with another.  Most of the children grab any adult around for a trip down but Lizzy (granddaughter aged 9) and Phoebe (aged five) went down together.  Lizzy just managed to exceed the height limit to go down without an adult.   Most people managed about 7 goes in the hour, except for Anna Booth who said she managed a record 9 times.  Anyway, here is a photo of Lizzy and Phoebe.

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