Thursday, 29 January 2015

10 Joys of Snow

1.   Being woken up at 6am by Diego (our concierge) clearing the snow from our apartment building car park with the snow blower.
2.. Racing to the bus stop to get the first bus so we are on the first lift. The bus is late
3.  Making first tracks down the black Princess and Bridans piste.
4.  Can't hear the church clock- the snow muffles the sound
5.  Having the pistes to ourselves.
6.. Poor visibility - but then it is snowing.
7.  Gloves getting soaking wet.  They are still on the radiator
8.  Snow down one's neck - but it is snowing!
9.  Tired legs
10 Big smile - what a glorious day's skiing in Megeve 

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