Tuesday, 7 April 2015

End of Season

We have had one of the best end of season's skiing this year.  Fresh powder and sunshine.   I am so envious.  However, I had a lovely walk yesterday.  I went up the Caboche lift, walked up to Alpette and along to Petit Fontaine, came down the chair and walked back to the Chamois lift via Le Tour.   It was glorious.
Last evening we had the French dinner, to which we invite people in the resort with whom we do business, such as the bank manager, the head of the ESF, the head of the lift company etc.   Nathan and Sam did a fantastic meal and the rest of the staff were excellent in hosting.   It was very successful.
 We took Elizabeth and the children to Geneva Airport today.  I counted 7 herons in fields by the side of the road.   There must be frogs or other titbits in the grass. I was rather intrigued as I have only ever seen them by lakes and ponds.
We are off home on Thursday, and I have an appointment at the fracture clinic.   So this is the last blog of the season.   It has been mixed, bad at the start and brilliant middle and end.   Each season is different.  So see you in Megeve next winter.

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