Wednesday, 1 January 2014

#Megeve New Year's Eve

This is the whole family outside the Forestiere restaurant on Rochebrune yesterday.   As you can see, brilliant sunshine and snow.  From the left. Tommy and Emily (Elizabeth and John's children) me, John, Anna and Lizzie in the front (Caroline and Steve's children) Steve, Caroline, John and Elizabeth.  We skied in the morning with Elizabeth and John and another couple, doing the black runs, Voltigeurs, Bridans and Black Princess on Mont D'Arbois.  They were in good condition and noone skiing them.  We picked up the children from ski school and then went for lunch which was good. In the afternoon we skied with all the family.  It was a brilliant day.  In the evening we went to watch the torchlight parade of the ski instructors in the main square of  #Megeve, then after dinner in the Sylvana we had a party.  A guest had an extremely good compilation of music for dancing and singing and it was a great evening.  As John and I walked down the hill to our apartment the sky was lit up with fireworks.  What a wonderful way to end 2013.
Happy New Year to you all and see you in Megeve in 2014.

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