Sunday, 1 February 2015

Wonderful skiing in Megeve

We had the best morning's skiing of the season so far yesterday.   There's huge amounts of snow in Megeve now.  Well over a metre, maybe two and it just keeps snowing!  John and I caught the early bus so we got on the Mont D'Arbois lift as soon as it opened.   Gordon and Rob chose to come up the Princess lift.  We were first down the black Princess run and Bridans and the boys let me make the first fresh tracks on Voltigeurs.  We did that twice and decided we had trashed it.
We then went off to Etudiant and skied through the trees and down to Planellet.   No-one had been down there and the snow was perfect.   We skied back along the road and caught the bus back to Mont D'Arbois and did it again!  8 tracks in perfect snow.
Carol came up on the bus and we had lunch at Le Theleveux, the cafe on the road by the Mont D'Arbois lift.  Cheap and cheerful.  By then it had started to snow again so John and I skied down the Calvaire and home.
Great time to book a short break or full week's holiday.  We've still got a little bit of space for short breaks next week or week bookings for w/c 22nd Feb in glorious Megeve.

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