Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Today we skied on Jaillet with Ian and Deirdre who are guests at the Rond Point.   We skied down Jourace to the Jouty chair.  On the left hand side we spotted someone building an igloo so John went to investigate.   It is a frame covered by snow and the guy digging out the entrance said that it was available for bed and breakfast. He said there were comfy beds and duvets.  John wasn't sure about an evening meal but you couldn't get up there after the lifts had closed so possible that's included.  It's called Village Igloos.  John didn't enquire the price but if you go, do let me know what it's like.  So far, I have had no proposals of a romantic night spent on the Jourace piste.   But I think I'd prefer my own bed.

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