Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Snow

John and I went to Les Contamines today as it is on our lift ticket.  It was a lovely day and it is only worth skiing there if you can see as there are no trees.. In a whiteout you would be skiing from one piste marker to the next.  We found a but of spring snow and then decided to ski down one of the slopes that Alex had taken us down two weeks ago.  Sadly, we ran out of snow and had to walk up and out across a steep, grassy slope.   I slipped and now have a very muddy jacket and trousers.  I have tried to sponge it off but the trousers could do with a wash.   I usually do all the ski stuff at the end of the season so I may just be skiing with a muddy backside but as I can't see it I shan't worry.  That's why I don't wear white.
There's still plenty of skiing in Megeve if you want a last blast.

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