Saturday, 14 March 2015

World Cup

This weekend it is the World Cup for Skicross and Moguls, which they are holding at Cote 2000.  I skied over there yesterday but arrived too early, as they were doing the individual time trials which was a bit boring.  John was mending the boiler at the Rond Point, which you do when you are semi retired and 74!  He would never have managed it without Will, who came and helped though it was his day off.   It was his strength that got the joints unfastened.
Anyway, both days have been bright and cold which means that the pistes are in excellent shape.  We met up with David Stewart, who runs Snowcoach that owns the Terminus Hotel in Le Fayet and skied Mont D'Arbois   We then got the bus to Cote.  It was packed and I was next to the door.   The driver was very grumpy and swung the bus round the corners so I thought I was going to be  a statistic on the road.   Fortunately the doors open inwards.  We found ourselves a good position to watch the races.   They seemed to be behind time so we weren't quite sure what we were seeing, but it must have been the Semi Finals and Finals of the Men's and Women's races.  The skicross set off four abreast, but after about the first two jumps there are usually two in the lead.  It is very exciting.   One lad had a nasty fall near us and the blood wagon came down, but eventually he stood up and skied down to applause.   Tomorrow is the Finals of the Moguls.  We saw them practising.   It is very technical and looks seriously hard on the knees.   They have two jumps, one at the start and the other at the end.

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