Thursday, 7 April 2016

Family holiday

We are having a great week.  The weather isn't marvellous as we have had a foehn wind for the last few days, so the snow has got very soft by the afternoon.  It's been fine in the mornings though.  Today was colder and the snow was much better.  We have been having lunch at most of our favourite restaurants.  Monday was the Staduel, Tuesday the Alpage, Wednesday the Telepherique and today the Gouet.  Caroline and I ate at the Radaz on Saturday.  The restauranteurs have been pleased to see us.  In some cases there have been 22 of us, but some days we have split up as the younger children are unable to ski to the restaurants that are not near the ski school.  In most cases we have been the majority of people eating there.  Katie Campbell is teaching our four grandchildren and Anna Booth, so they are having a lovely time.  Sadly, they all go on Sunday.

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