Monday, 11 April 2016


As soon as everyone went home the sun came out.  Sod's law!   We had a little snow on Friday night but the cloud was down on Saturday, so though we skied a little off piste we did not do a lot.  We started off in two groups, but then the parents of the youngest children split off from the rest of us.   We all met for lunch at the Gouet except for one family who couldn't get there.  There were 20 of us! But Sunday dawned bright and sunny and today has been much the same, though it's clouding over this afternoon.  John came and joined me on Sunday and we found some untracked snow over the back of the Ladies Downhill.  We ended up doing a run across a field  to a stream, which we had to jump.  Quite difficult in Ski boots.  We had to climb out but that only took about five minutes.  It was preferable to skiing out along the stream, which I don't like at the best of times.  
The pistes are deserted although it is still French holidays.   Everywhere is slowly closing down.  Today the St Nicholas and Chatterix lifts were closed, as well as the Monrosset.  The snow was good and I had a lovely morning.  It is all rather sad but on the plus side the mountain crocuses have suddenly arrived.  They are tiny and mostly white, though there are a few yellow and purple ones.  The primroses have been in flower for some time and the banks in the town are yellow with them.  They didn't seem to suffer from the snow on Friday.  

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