Sunday, 3 April 2016

Staff lunch

On Friday we had our end of season staff lunch at Au Petit Cuchet, Combloux.   It is just above the car park when you ski down the blue run to Combloux.  It was a bit cloudy in the morning and we skied with Elizabeth, Caroline, Emily, Lizzie and Tommy.  We went over to Giettaz and then came back and, inevitably, ended up on the boarder cross.   I have done quite a few of those this week.  Elizabeth raced Rory and Amy and got a great start and was racing to a win when they came across Tommy in a heap.   He had been racing his sister.   Anyway, Elizabeth claimed the win.  Sadly, Jaillet has now closed for the season.  It always closes a week or two earlier than the rest of Megeve.  Yesterday Elizabeth and John were working so Caroline and I skied with the children.  They spend the whole time finding the bumps and jumps down the side of the pistes.  I feel that I am not only an authority on boarder cross courses but also on where to  find the best bumps and jumps.   It is all hugely entertaining.

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