Friday, 6 April 2018

Lizzie's birthday

Yesterday was Lizzie's birthday, 13 years old.  We got up and looked at the rain.  I got dressed in skiwear about three times, and kept changing may mind about skiing.  The girls went up and said there was new snow so John and I ventured out and it stopped raining.  We had a brilliant morning.  We skied the off piste at Lanchettes a couple of times and then went over to Cote and skied there, though the visibility was not so good as it was snowing  slightly.  So we had lunch at the Radaz and then skied some more off piste afterwards.  It just goes to show that you should get out, whatever the weather.
Today was brilliant sunshine.  We had planned a Valley Blanche trip with the grand children, but Alex Perinet advised that there was too much snow for children, and an avalanche risk of 4-5 so it was cancelled.  Never mind.  We found some untracked spring snow off the Epaule ridge and down to Communailles which was great fun.  Lunch was at the Alpage where we baked in the sunshine.   

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