Wednesday, 4 April 2018

sunshine and snow

Monday was a lovely day, and the world and his wife were skiing.  We don't do queues, but we had little option.  By the time we had got everyone organised we managed to hit the lifts at about the same time as the ski schools.  Sadly, the Princess lift closed at the end of the day, we are told for economic reasons.  It is such a shame as those runs are in great condition.  Anyway, the grandchildren did the luge, which Elizabeth said was very scary.  The staff did it twice!  By the end of the day most people had gone home and the pistes were deserted again.
Mr & Mrs snowman and easter bunny

Yesterday we skied Rochebrune which was good in the morning but the snow got sticky in the afternoon.  But then it is April.  At the Rochford lift Mr and Mrs Snowman have presided for some time, but over the Easter weekend they bred an Easter bunny.   His sparkly ears are very alluring.  There was a huge party of us having lunch at the Telepherique restaurant, over 30, which was good, apart from the fact that their pizza oven had broken down.
Today we woke up to brilliant sunshine so we donned minimal clothes.  Which was fine until about midday when the clouds started to come in.  We had lunch at the Gouet and got there just in time to bag enough tables for twelve of us, which was just as well as the weather deteriorated.  By the time we had finished lunch it was a case of racing home as fast as possible.  I was wearing my new, lightweight,  10 euro decathlon jacket, and was expecting to be sodden by the time we got to the top of the Croix de Christ chair.  But not only was it snowing at the top but my jacket was waterproof.  So apart from having damp trousers and snow clogging my sunglasses, I survived.  By the time we got to Henry Sports the sun had come out.  Most bizarre.  

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