Thursday, 12 April 2018


All our family has now left.  Elizabeth and the children were the last to go on Tuesday.  Most went Sunday but Baylys and Smiths left on Monday.  However, we have Max Stallard and his wife who got married on Saturday and here on honeymoon.   Max was a chalet boy at the Sylvana 18 years ago.      His brother, Tom, was a chalet boy 2 years earlier.  John went to school with their father, so we've known them forever.

There is still lots of snow and it snowed Tuesday morning, though the sun came out in the afternoon.
But spring is on its way at last.  I saw a marmot on the Pylons piste underneath the Mont D'Arbois lift yesterday.  I don't know where its burrow was.

The primroses are now going mad on the banks in town, though I haven't seen any cowslips yet.  The snowdrops and mountain crocuses have just appeared on the Calvaire near the Rond Point where the snow has melted.  Everything is about a month behind.  Most of the lifts close this weekend though some have closed already, like the Princess.  But I think Cote 2000 is staying open for a week or two for the locals.

Today we skied at Les Contamines for a change of scene.  It was terribly windy, to the extent that it was difficult to schuss.  How they kept the lifts open I don't know.  We came down early as it was unpleasant, and the top bubble was closed for some time.

Tomorrow we are hoping to ski the VallĂ©e Blanche with the staff.  

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