Wednesday, 30 March 2016

3 Days' Skiing

Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit but I've been having too much fun!  I've been skiing with Ali and Matt Kinsey and their children, Jackie and Seb, and their friend, Fiona, and her daughter, Rosie.   The girls are 12 and Seb 9, much the same as our grandchildren.  Ali is the daughter of John's best man so we have known her forever, and Matt was at Manchester Medical School with Elizabeth, although they didn't socialise.  Matt used to sit behind Elizabeth in exams (Kinnear and Kinsey) 
Anyway we went to Jaillet on Monday.  The kids insisted on skiing the ski cross three times so we didn't get over to Giettaz until the weather had started to turn, cold and snow, so we only skied the one run there and headed off to the BonJournal, which was full.  On Tuesday we started off on the Rochebrune ridge where we found about two inches of fresh snow on the pistes, which was lovely.  We got the bus to Mont D'Arbois where John caught up with us and skied a few runs off the back of les Clementines and the Epaule ridge and then had lunch at the Gouet.  Today we went to Les Contamines.  It was a bit cloudy with flat light in the morning but glorious sunshine after lunch. We tried out the new rope tow lift which was hard work.  It is quite steep and the rope is new so we all had marks or holes in our gloves.  We went up the Veleray drag lift which isn't often open as it is steep and off piste.  There was fresh snow but it was quite challenging, although good in places.   The kids did amazingly well.  After lunch we did the ski cross and I managed the box rail perfectly!   So I'm now looking forward to our family arriving.  Elizabeth, Emily and Tommy and Caroline and Lizzie arrive tomorrow evening.  Anna is on a school trip to Pompeii so is coming our with her dad on Monday.  Elizabeth's John arrives at the weekend.  We have three other families staying with us so we are all in the Rond Point.  

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