Friday, 23 February 2018

Gluttons for punishment

We didn't get out until about 9.45 today as it looked grey.  In fact. at the top of the mountain the sun was shining but it took a bit of time to burn through the cloud.  We met Gordon at the Lanchettes lift and skied off the back past the Pre-Rosset Restaurant.

Gordon pointed out a herd of chamois, though John thought they might have been goats, which were underneath the cliffs on Cote.  We skinned up to the ridge, Gordon being miles ahead of us.   He was skiing down to Haut Luce which is the back  of  Les Contamines, and then skinning up again.  We were going a different route, along the ridge and then climbing over the top of the ridge to ski  down to Praz-Sur-Arly.  The sun was out and it was beautiful, though rather crowded.  Eight people skinned up behind us but they were skiing down to Haut Luce.  They were with a guide.

After we had hit the piste in Praz, we then skied off and down a track which takes you to the road which passes our hotel Sylvana.   It is a long way up and we had to ski down to catch the bus at Chataz.  Sadly, the snow was quite tricky and we had to walk down the road in one or two places before we could get back into the fields.   If the snow had been better it would have been a lovely ski down.  As it was, it was interesting.  But a change from skiing on the piste.  

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