Thursday, 22 February 2018


Yesterday was a lovely day but I didn't feel well so stayed at home, and John skied with the Unthank Ski Club.  Today was grey fog/low cloud, but we thought it would clear like yesterday.  It did, but only briefly.    We were planning to try and find the right route down to La Giettaz but because of the cloud decided not to.   However, it cleared enough for John and I to think we would ski down to Praz.   The top field was good, through the trees was OK,  but the path out was horrendous.  Five times we had to take our skis off, slide down the bank of the stream, cross the stream (fortunately they were all shallow) and climb up the other side, then clear the ice from our boots so we could get our skis on!

At one point I realised I should have taken off my skis but it was too late, and I tumbled head first into a hole.   So then I took off my skis.  I was relieved to find it was a dry hole.  As a result we missed the bus.  John thought there was another in about 20 minutes, but when we checked the time table that one only runs on a Saturday.  So lovely Patryk came and picked us up in the minibus. But we lived to tell the tale!

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