Monday, 12 February 2018


We woke up this morning to about 6 inches of fresh snow.  Yesterday we had had snow showers but not enough for the off piste.  But today was different.  We were on the first Rocharbois, the first bubble on the Mont D'Arbois lift with the pisteurs.    Gordon was coming up the Princess lift, or trying to, as they were having problems in getting it going.  So John and I were first down Voltigeurs and Bridans before Gordon made it to the top.   The pisteurs told us that the lifties had had some problems this winter in starting the Princess lift but it was OK once it got going.  Gordon was not impressed.

Me in powder on way to Les Comunailles
After we had met Gordon we went over to Mont Joux and skied off the back behind the Folies Douce  all the way down to Comunailles.   There was about 30cm deep snow. That was lovely so we came back up and skied back down again.   Then we went over to Epaule.   By that time, although the snow had stopped and the weak sunshine had retreated behind the cloud so we decided not to ski off the back as we couldn't see.  We skied down the ridge which was unpleasant, partly because we couldn't see but also because of moguls and skiers who shouldn't have been there.  However, we got to our favourite hot chocolate stop, which is becoming rather popular.   We couldn't sit at our usual table!

Our goal was to ski down to the St Nicholas bus so we swallowed our hot chocolate rather fast as we were worried that we would miss the bus.  There is only one a day and, as John Cox knows, it's a long walk to the lift.  We got down with about 5 minutes to spare.  Only one other person had been down which was quite useful as he had made a track as there is a little bit of polling near the bottom.  The snow was lovely and we enjoyed it.  It's the first time we've skied it this winter.

After that we went up the Etudiant lift and skied all the way to our front door.   Gordon came with us as he wanted to buy Carol a Valentine Day's card, so we ended up having a beer in the St Paul bar.   What a splendid day's skiing.

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