Friday, 9 February 2018

Staff Day Off

We got back to Megeve on Tuesday, and were told that it had been a glorious day.  Wednesday was horrible, freezing fog.  We came back early.   On Thursday, Chris Gill, co-editor of Where to Ski and Snowboard, contacted us to arrange to ski with us in Megève.  He had been staying at Les Carroz but was flying back that evening.  He has a project to check that blue runs are properly blue, not something where you are faced with a steep, unexpected slope or other nasty.  So we skied blues all morning and had a very nice time.

Today was bright, sunny and cold.  We were on the first bus to Jaillet, with Patryk, Matt and Ben.  We decided to try and find some off piste, though most was skied out.  However, we took the boys through the trees and down to catch the Chattaz bus.  It was a bit icy through the trees in places and the snow was variable, some lovely stuff, some nearly spring snow and some rather crusty.  But it was good fun and the boys survived.  Then we came back to Jaillet and skied down to the Princess lift.   I think ski school must have been down it because the start was heavily skied, but we found some nice patches.  To finish off, the boys went through the trees and down to Planalet.    My ankle was hurting by then so I gave that a miss, but it sounded very similar to what we had been skiing earlier.

Snow is forecast but we're not sure exactly when - the forecast keeps changing.

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