Sunday, 3 March 2013

Caleche v traineau

John and I went over to Jaillet this morning and skied down the front face to the road.   It was not as nice as 2 days ago and I suspect it may be the last time this season we can ski it as it is south facing.  It was lovely and sunny but turned warmer than the last few days.  John went home but I stayed and skied all the black runs before returning for lunch.
I got the caleche back.   This is the 12 seater, 2 horse carriage that runs from by the outdoor ice rink in the centre of town to Jaillet.  I was the only passenger so I sat there like the Queen, practising my royal wave and regal smile.  Sadly, noone waved back.  If I'd had Prince Philip (aka John) it might have been different.
The driver told me that his carriage is a caleche, the one horse carriages are traineaux.  The French word for sledge is traineau and before roads these were used for transport.  They are now known as traineaux aux roulles when the wheels were added.  But the ride is a must and great fun.

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