Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Snow and water

When we got back after skiing Diego (the concierge) told us that the plumber had been and cut the water off.   I have 8 people for dinner this evening.  The good news is that they had it back on in the afternoon, the bad news is that we still  have the whistle, though not as frequent as before.  So no doubt we won't have water again tomorrow.
The skiing was brilliant today.  We had about 60 centimetres.  We skied with Johnny and Jean-Marc.  We put down fresh tracks under the Mont Joux and Epaule chairs (how often can you do that?) then went over the back to St  Nicholas.   the snow was heavy at the bottom  but perfectly skiable.  By the time we got back up the Mont Joli chair had opened so we hopped on that.  There were several people ahead of us but we skied Mont Joli and the Grand Chamois.  It was a bit crusty under the snow at the top but was lovely further down.   A ski instructor set off a mini avalanche above us but luckily it went past us. By the time we left the whole slope had been trashed. More snow is forecast tonight.

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