Wednesday, 13 March 2013

new ski trousers

I now have a brand new pair of black ski trousers.  Elizabeth and I went to Vieux Campeur and, as Elizabeth said, bought the cheapest adult black trousers.   The girls' XL were a bit too tight!  Anyway, they have no holes in as yet.
We went out this morning.  Cold and thick cloud.   We decided to have an early lunch at The Radaz (tartiflette and lasagne) to allow the sun the chance to break through.  No such luck.  It was thicker when we came out than when we went in so we skied home.  It was a nice lunch though.   Elizabeth is back to Norwich tonight to husband and children.  All the family is out for Easter so it's not long before we see them again.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better.   we're going to see friends in Chamonix on Thursday and Friday.

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