Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wet feet

John was working so I skied Rochebrune.  I had to wait for the Alpette chair to open and was first down Petit Fontaine and Jardin pistes.  I met a queue at the bottom of Lanchettes - 4 people ahead of me.  I then went over to Cote 2000 and skied the Ladies Downhill twice and most of the other runs before coming home for lunch.
However,  I have come home with wet feet the last two times I've skied.  Not only have the linings been wet but I have poured water out of my boots.  I took them to Davide at Technique Boots who is the Megeve expert.  He prescribed duct tape (what else?) and hopefully the problem is solved. It seems surprising as I have been skiing through all types of snow this season but have only just had the problem.  I'm reluctant to buy new boots as these are only about 4 years old. 

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