Friday, 1 March 2013


We skied over to Giettaz today from Jaillet.  Whoever redesigned the lifts can't be a skier.  In place of the one, very slow old chair there are now two slow chairs!   The second one is supposed to be faster but today was going at half speed.  There are 2 nice runs down to what used to be the second button lift which is no longer working. You now have to go back to the second chair and join the queue of people coming up from the bottom.  The third button lift is working but the run down to that is usually icy and unpleasant.  So, all in all a bit of a shambles.  We all got very cold because the lift was so slow.
We then skied back off piste to the road.  The snow was in surprisingly good condition considering there has been no new falls and we even found some spring snow at the bottom.  After that we called it a day (or a morning) and went for lunch at Le Loup Blanc in town.

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