Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Last 2 days

Jonny and Tracey are here for a week, staying at the Rond Point.  I skied with Jonny and Gordon yesterday in clear conditions.  Sadly John was working.  We skied all the way down to the very bottom of Combloux (below the bottom chair) which we rarely do and the snow was perfect.  We did two off
piste runs down to the road and got on the Chattaz bus.  Some English skiers got on with a French guide and I asked whether they had skied the Emile Allais run.  I got a rather patronising reply.  I don't think people should underestimate little old ladies.
Today John joined us and we skied off the back of Christomet down to Giettaz.  Along the track at the bottom we got overtaken by a horde of faster skiers, 16 in all with two guides, one of which was Alex Perrinet.  The skiers were from Chamonix so I assume that conditions there are not good.  Alex told us the way he was taking his group down to Praz Sur Arly so we could go the other way.  He has shown us both ways in the past.  On the top it was windy, the cloud was down and it was snowing but once we got in the trees it was fine, and the snow was great.  Carol and Tracey met us at the bottom and we all had lunch in Praz.  Annoyingly the bus timetable has changed and it does not run so frequently, so without Carol we would be struggling.  
Not sure where we shall go tomorrow but hope the Chamonix skiers stay in Chamonix!

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