Thursday, 14 January 2016

Old friends

Glen and Vanessa, who worked for us in 2003, called round for tea today, together with their two little girls.   They are renting an apartment on a  working farm on Jaillet which looks lovely.  Phil and Becs (they were at the Rond Point for two seasons about 6 years ago) are also here and renting an apartment, with Bertie, who is 14 months and is adorable.  At Christmas Andy was out with his family,as was Peta who did the admin about 8years ago.   She is now working on luxury yachts with her boyfriend, who is an engineer.  Ricky, tall Australian and worked at the Sylvana some years ago(sorry, I can't remember when) pitched up for two weeks and is threatening to stay for the whole season.  That would be great as he is good company.  Jonny and Tracey are out next week for a week so we are looking forward to seeing them again.  Jonny is also back in February.   Hannah is coming in March.  It is so lovely to see everyone again and catch up with their news.  This year we have been particularly fortunate.  So keep coming back! 

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