Saturday, 9 January 2016

Restaurant guides

The weather has been inclement the last two days, so I have been trying to get my restaurant guide up to date.  I have pretty well finished the town, but that's not difficult.  The mountain restaurant guide is more of a challenge, trying to ski down the right piste to get to the most resturants at one time.  Yesterday, John and I went to Jaillet and did most of them there.  Today I went to Rochebrune with Gordon, but he got bored and went off to ski with someone else! What is interesting is that over the years the prices have not (on the whole) changed that much.  The expensive resturants remain expensive, the others alter their prices fractionally, usually the drinks.   So the price bands for the restaurants stay pretty constant.   My main concern is checking that the restaurant is still there (the Alpette burnt down in the summer) that is has not changed hands and gone up market (as has the Auberge du Christomet and not for the best to my mind) or radically altered its menu.  On the whole, the old friends stay the same.   What we have noticed is more of a proliferation of snack bars.  However, a number of these only open at peak times which makes it hard if you do not want a slap up lunch.

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