Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Magic Day in Megeve

Check, Avalanche bleeper, Avalanche probe, shovel, 8.40 am bus.  We are all ready for our off piste day!  And then the bus is late and the police close the road because a dead piste basher is being transported down the hill.  So our aim to be on the first lift is thwarted.  Still, we were first down Bridans, then put some tracks down the Croix de Christ bowl before heading off to the Communailles field.  This is at the top of it and you can just see Gordon's yellow backpack beneath my right ski pole.  Sadly the streams had not filled in so we had to take skis off to cross them.  But the snow was  the best ever, light, fluffy, blowing up into your face.  When we got to the bottom the drag lift appeared to have broken down so we decided to have an early lunch at the Alpage.  We weren't too sorry to have a rest.  Then back to the Etudiant lift and ski home via the off piste field.  Sadly I got too low so we had to go round again to come out at the right spot.  That field was bliss.  As I danced down it (well that's what it felt like!) a whole group of guys came in from my left.  We reckoned there were several guides over from Chamonix with clients.   I suspect a lot of lifts were closed there, as our top lifts didn't open.  Just goes to show you don't always have to go high to get the best snow.

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