Saturday, 23 January 2016

Staff lunch

Yesterday we had our staff lunch at Chez Tartine, which is the restaurant just above the halfway station on the Princess lift.  There were 17 of us in all.  We had a good lunch except the service was slow.  Richard managed to miss the photo shoot by being in the loo.  His brother, Chris, just managed to make the lunch as he overslept.  It was a good day.
In the evening 9 of us went to La Galeta restaurant in St. Gervais.  Phil volunteerd (!) to drive as he was driving back to the UK this morning.  They cook steak  etc over an enormous open fire.  Just the place for carnivores.  Gordon had pork ribs which would have fed about 3 people.  It's very good and not too expensive but you do need transport.
This morning was one of those days when we made all the wrong choices.  We caught the 9am bus to Mont D'Arbois but they were having electrical problems so we abandoned hanging around until they sorted them out and caught the bus to Cote 2000.  The cloud was down and it was miserable so we had a coffee at the Radaz and decided to ski home.  Whereupon the sun came out!  So here I am, looking out of the window at the sunshine whilst the washing machine does its job.  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.

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