Thursday, 12 January 2017

Crout de Gouet

This is the first Crout de Gouet of the season.   The Gouet drag lift opened yesterday afternoon so today was the first day that the Gouet restaurant opened.  Every table was occupied though some by only two or three people.  Anyway, it was lovely to see Guillaume and Violine again.  
It is exciting at the moment as they are opening the lifts one by one.  This morning they had a provisional light on the Communaille chair and we noticed that they were running the Epaule chair, though very slowly. Later they were both open.  The ridge run from the Epaule is not open  but we wen up anyway as I wanted to check the prices at the Chalet du Mont Joly.  Both John and Neville said the snow would be terrible, but apart from the track round which was narrow and tricky in the flat light, it was the best snow we skied on all day.  Snow is forecast for this evening so we aim to be on the first lift tomorrow.

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