Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Rainbows on Rochebrune

Apologies for not blogging sooner but it has been a hectic Christmas and New Year.   We had Christmas in Putney and all the family came out for New Year.  Sadly, they have now returned to school and work.
As you probably know, snow has been in short supply in the Chamonix valley.  There are some runs open on Rochebrune and Mont D'Arbois where they have been able to make snow so there is some skiing.  Last night we had a couple of centimetres of snow and when we woke up it was foggy.  However, that cleared and we had the most amazing lighting effects where the sun was burning through the fog and making rainbows galore.

This is a photo taken by Steve (our son in law) at the top of the Alpette lift.  You can't see the colours but the two arcs were rainbows, with one inverted above the other, the sun burning through in the middle and rays bursting out from the sides.  Other rainbows could be seen  on either side and above these.   Fantastic.

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